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The Monument
Our Creativity, Your Expression

Cemeteries and monuments serve as the primary visible link between the past, present, and future. They are practically the only artifacts that survive for long periods of time outside of a museum.

Plan the Unveiling

Once you confirm that the stone is in place at the cemetery, you should send out announcements to family and friends giving at least two weeks notice of the unveiling ceremony.

You should include cemetery directions and the location of the grave.

Tell the cemetery when you are holding the service. They will give maps out to your guests to help them find the gravesite.

Send an invitation to the Rabbi also. You can ask the funeral home, if need be, for the name of the Rabbi that officiated at the funeral service.

You can designate one or two people to actually remove (unveil) the covering from the monument. It is appropriate to select someone who was very close to the deceased or was especially loved.

We will provide you with the unveiling cloth, announcements which include cemetery directions, and some white Jerusalem stones that we import from Israel to fulfill the custom of placing a pebble on the Memorial at the conclusion of the service.

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